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Environmentalist welcomes plastic plan

Chymmyltaghteyr goltaghey plan son plastagh

Agh feme foast er obbyr dy strepey noi skeaylleyderyn orch

Ta ard chymmyltaghteyr er noltaghey plan y reiltys son jannoo sloo ymmyd jeh plastagh.

Ayns immeeaght lhunney formoil ayns ny Troggalyn Slattyssagh Jelune (23ss Jerrey Souree), dooyrt Bill Dale, yn dooinney hug Caarjyn y Traie er bun, dy vel y bree shoh ny chesmad jarrooagh er-oaie cour gleckey noi broid ec y vun jeh.

Agh ta Mnr Dale credjal dy lhisagh y plan jeeaghyn er strepey noi y 'nane ny jees per cent' dy Ellaneyryn ta reih skeaylley orch.

AS MNR DALE : Ta nuyad-nuy per cent jeh'n phobble geddyn rey rish y phlastagh oc dy currymagh, aa-choorsal ny t'ad abyl, my vees ad abyl. Yn aght er-lhiam dy lhisagh shin goaill ayns laue shoh, shen dy ghleckey noi ny reddyn ta ceaut ersooyl, tilgit ry lhiattee dy neu-chooie, as ta shen jeant ec ayrn feer veg y phobble ynrican. 

Ny ta shin jannoo ayns shoh nish, t'eh soiaghey er cheead per cent dy phlastagh, agh ta feme ort dy jarroo dy ghleckey noi nane ny jees per cent jeh'n phobble ta geddyn rey rish dy neu-chiart. As shen y raad lhisagh shin cur nyn eddin, er-lhiam.


But work still needed to tackle litterers

A leading environmentalist has welcomed the government's plastic reduction plan.

In a formal launch event at the Legislative Buildings on Monday (23 July), Beach Buddies founder Bill Dale said the move is a positive step forward in combatting pollution at its source.

However, Mr Dale believes the plan should look at tackling the 'one or two per cent' of Islanders who choose to litter.

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