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Failed part delayed Manannan arrival

Chumree cullee faillit Manannan, as ee çheet stiagh sy phurt

Ta'n Paggad Bree gra dy re cullee hydraulagh faillit va nane jeh ny h-oyryn va Manannan er ny cumrail, as ee shiaulley veih Lerpoyll oie Jedoonee.

Va feme er cooney, as ghow eh paart dy hraa son y lhong dy heet rish y cheiy dy sauçhey ayns purt Ghoolish.

Va shoh nane jeh shiartanse dy chooishyn chumree yn lhong.

Ayns fockley va currit magh ec y Phaggad Bree, t'eh gra dy ren y chullee faillit keeallaghey nagh dod nane jeh ny jeshaghtyn goll er ymmydey son stiurey, ga dy row yn jeshaght gobbraghey gyn foill.

Shoh, co-chianlt leh gardaryn, as dy row lhong-chaggee Frangagh moarit ec y vurt sniessey, ren eh keeallaghey dy row feme ec yn Vainshtyr er cooney tug.

Ta'n colught er chur leshtal da troailtee son y traa ren y doilleeid lhiuraghey yn jurnaa oc.

T'eh er ghra rish custymeyryn dy row cullee noa er ny cur stiagh er yn oie son shickyrys, roish shiaulley moghrey Jelune.

Failed part delayed Manannan arrival

The Steam Packet says a failed hydraulic fitting was one of the reasons for a delay in Sunday night's Manannan sailing from Liverpool.

Assistance was needed and it took some time for the vessel to berth safely in Douglas harbour.

It was among a number of factors that delayed the boat.

In a statement issued by the Steam Packet, it says the failed part meant one of the engines could not be used for manoeuvering purposes - despite the engine itself being fully functional.

This, combined with strong, gusting winds and a French warship moored on the adjacent berth - meant the Captain required help from a tug.

The firm has apologised to passengers for the time the problem added to the journey.

It's assured customers the failed part was replaced overnight ahead of Monday morning's sailing.

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