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Feedback sought on streamlining income tax system

Coyrle y theay shirrit mychione aashaghey coarys yn cheesh çheet-stiagh

Ta coyrle y theay goll er shirrey mychione aashaghey coarys yn cheesh çheet-stiagh.

Hie cochoyrle yn Tashtee er lunney Jeheiney, as hed ee er-oi gys Jeheiney, y nuyoo laa Jerrey Fouyir.

Ny treealtyssyn va currit magh hoshiaght sy chlaare argidoil sy nah vee, yoghe ad rey rish y raayt jeih sy cheead son çheet-stiagh.

Yinnagh lowanseyn persoonagh cormal shoh liorish goll voish nuy thousane punt gys mysh kiare thousane jeig punt.

Eddie Teare, y Shirveishagh Tashtee, t'eh gra dy beagh shoh yn foays share da'n theay.

Foddee oo yn chochoyrle y gheddyn er ynnyd-eggey yn reiltys ec gov.im.

Feedback sought on streamling income tax system

Public feedback is being sought in streamlining the income tax system.

The Treasury consultation was launched on Friday and will go until Friday, October 9.

The proposals first set out in February's budget would do away with the ten per cent income tax rate.

Personal allowances would counterbalance this by moving from £9,000 to around £14,000.

Treasure Minister Eddie Teare says it's in the public's best interest.

You can find the consultation on the government's website gov.im.

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