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Firefighters appeal over barbecues

Fir-vooghee shirrey son kiarail bentyn da barbecueyn

Ta Shirveish Mooghey as Sauail yn Ellan cur cooinaghtyn da sleih dy ve feer chiarailagh bentyn da aileyn-camp as barbecueyn, ny lurg kuse dy h-aileyn-faiyr ayns emshir heh as çhirrym.

Fastyr Jelune, va fys currit er fir-vooghee dy ghleck noi aile mooar ec Glion Groudle. Ec mullagh yn aile, va fys currit er kiare skimmeeyn ass Doolish as Lacksey dy ghleck noi.

Haghyr yn immeeaght mysh feed minnid lurg kiare syn astyr, as skeayl lossanyn dy tappee er y chione-çheerey, ny lurg da barbecue ceau-ersooyl v'er voaddey yn aile.

Er yn oyr dy row yn boayl cho fadaneagh, begin da ny fir-vooghee gleck son daa oor dy lieh dy vooghey yn daa cheead meadar kerrinagh va fo ghaue.

Ta'n Çhirveish Mooghey as Sauail shirrey er sleih ad dy ve er nyn dwoaie dy jeean bentyn da aileyn-camp as barbecueyn - cha lhisagh oo dy bragh ad y aagail gyn cur geill daue.

Yn choyrle voue, shen dy ve kiarailagh raad t'ou jannoo ymmyd jeh aileyn-camp as barbecueyn, as dy chummal ushtey ta ry-gheddyn er gerrey, er aggle dy bee feme ort yn aile y vooghey.

Firefighters appeal over barbecues

The Island's Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to be extra careful with campfires and barbecues after a spate of grassfires in hot dry weather.

On Monday afternoon, firefighters were called to deal with a large fire at Groudle Glen - at its height four crews from Douglas and Laxey were called in to tackle it.

The incident happened at around 4.20pm and saw flames spread quickly along the headland after a disposable barbecue sparked the blaze.

Because the location was so isolated, it took firefighters two and a half hours to damp down the 200 square metres involved.

The Fire and Rescue Service are asking people to be extra vigilant with campfires and barbecues - you should never leave them unattended.

Their advice is to be careful where you use them and keep water available nearby in case you need to douse the fire.

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