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Fishing vessel skipper fined £8,000

Final jeh hoght thousane punt er mainstyr jeh baatey-eeastee

Y mainstyr jeh baatey-eeastee recortyssit ayns Nerin Hwoaie, va final jeh hoght thousane punt currit er son tayrtyn roaganyn ayns keayn Manninagh gyn kied.

Offishearyn er boayrd saagh-coadee yn Ellan, 'Barrule', hooar ad y 'Provider' as ee geeastagh son roaganyn queig meeilley sheear-ass jeh'n Çhiggin, Jecrean shoh chaie (y trass laa as feed Mee Houney).

Ghow yn mainstyr John Baldwin rish y chassid, tra haink eh rish ayns thie quaiyllagh Ghoolish.

Dooyrt Baldwin rish yn whaiyl dy row kiedyn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit as Manninagh er ve ec yn taagh, agh begin da ve recortyssit lesh shellooder noa.

As eh geddyn kied Reeriaght Unnaneyssit ass y noa, va shellooder noa yn taagh er vailleil kied Manninagh y gheddyn.

Chammah as y final, v'eh sarit roaganyn tayrit va feeu daa cheead as feed punt y choayl, as costyssyn lieh-cheead punt 'eeck.

Fishing vessel skipper fined £8,000

The skipper of a Northern Irish-registered fishing boat has been fined £8,000 for catching king scallops in Manx waters without a licence.

Officers aboard the Island's protection vessel, Barrule, spotted the 'Provider' fishing for scallops five miles south-west of Chicken Rock on Wednesday last week (23 November).

Skipper John Baldwin admitted the charge when he appeared at Douglas courthouse.

Baldwin told the court the vessel originally had both UK and Isle of Man licences but had to be registered to a new owner.

In reinstating the UK licence, the new owner of the vessel had failed to re-apply for the Manx one.

In addition to the fine, he was ordered to forfeit the catch, worth £220 and pay £50 costs.

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