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Folk scene stalwart wins 2019 RBV award

Fer tramylt seihll kiaull y theay cosney aundyr RBV 2019

Onnor currit son toyrtys cultooroil Kaneen

Ta coraa mie er enn da tonnyn aer Radio Vannin er chosney yn aundyr Reih Bleeaney Vannanan 2019 – yn ard-voylley cultooroil syrjey ayns Ellan Vannin.

Ta John Kaneen er hebbal Claare Kiaull y Theay rish ny sodjey na 30 blein – paart scanshoil jeh'n toyrtys beayn as skeaylt dy lhean echey da bea Vannin.

Hug Culture Vannin coontys jeh Mnr Kaneen myr "kiaulleyder, arraneyder as daunseyr schleoil braew yindyssagh as imbee echey ny smoo na dooghys, as schoillar rea jeh arraneyn y theay", choud's va'n aundyr currit da ayns ny Troggalyn Slattyssagh fastyr Jecrean (30 Jerrey Gheuree), roish cruinnaght veg jeh e lught-thie as e chaarjyn.

Adsyn ren enmyssey John, loayr ad jeh'n feoiltys, y fys as yn imleeid echey.

Va Baatey Sauaillagh Purt le Moirrey as Spital Ellan Vannin er nyn enmyssey dy gheddyn toyrtys £250 y pheesh, as va cheque son £500 currit da John, as v'eh maynrey dy chur shen son karraghey yn accordion echey er y gherrid. 


Kaneen's cultural contribution honoured

A voice well known to the Manx Radio airwaves has won the 2019 Reih Bleeaney Vanannan award - the highest cultural accolade on the Isle of Man.

John Kaneen has presented the Folk Show for more than 30 years - a key part of his sustained and wide-ranging contribution to Manx life.

Culture Vannin described Mr Kaneen as a "superbly talented and larger than life musician, singer and dancer, and a quiet scholar of folk song", as he was presented with the award at the Legislative Buildings in Douglas on Wednesday afternoon (30 January), before a small gathering of his family and friends.

Those nominating John spoke of his generosity, knowledge and modesty.

Port St Mary Lifeboat and Hospice Isle of Man were nominated as the recipients of a donation of £250 each, and a cheque for £500 was presented to John, which he was happy to put towards recent accordion repairs.

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