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Former Health Chief Executive offered minister 'great support'

Hug eear Ard Sheckter Slaynt 'cooney mooar' da'n shirveishagh

Cha lhisagh sleih 'jannoo briwnys siyragh' mychione paartail

Ta'n Shirveishagh Slaynt er voylley obbyr yn eear Ard Sheckter, yn Fer Lhee Malcolm Couch, as yn ard-chooneyder echey, Michaela Morris.

V'eh fogrit magh fastyr beg Jeheiney (3 Mee Voaldyn) dy row ard sharvaantyn steat Rheynn Slaynt as Kiarail y Theay neesht irree ass nyn oikyn.

Yn oyr currit son paartail y Fer Lhee Couch, shen dy voddagh fwirran leeideilys noa ve currit stiagh ayn dy oaseiraghey caghlaaghyn bee moyllit ayns tuarastyl jeant ec yn Reejerey Jonathan Michael, ta dy gholl roish Tinvaal ny sanmey 'sy vee shoh.

Cha row oyr currit son paartail Vnr Morris.

Agh ta David Ashford gra nagh lhisagh sleih jerkal rish, dy nee shoh stayd as ta'n Ard Sheckter irree ass roish my vees eh brieit jeh dy faagail.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : Cha jig clou tuarastyl y Reejerey Jonathan Michael derrey y nah Jerdein, myr shoh ta mee smooinaghtyn nagh lhisagh sleih jannoo briwnys siyragh derrey t'ad dy feer er vakin y tuarastyl as ny t'ayn. Er-lhiam, t'ou toiggal, s'baghtal eh dy bee sheiltynys ayn - ta ny reddyn shoh dy kinjagh gientyn sheiltynys. 

By vie lhiam's dy persoonagh gra dy vel y Fer Lhee Couch as Bnr Morris er ve nyn gooney mie dooys ayns ny queig meeaghyn jeig aym myr shirveishagh, as t'ad er chur dou palchey cooney persoonagh choud's ta mee er ve cheet dy ve oayllagh rish yn oik. Agh shegin dooin cur arrym da'n nhee, dy vel ad er reaghey dy vel shoh yn traa dy ghlackey caa noa. 


Public shouldn't 'jump to conclusions' about departure

The Health Minister has paid tribute to the work of former Chief Executive, Dr Malcolm Couch, and his deputy, Michaela Morris.

It was announced on Friday evening (3 May) that the Department of Health and Social Care's senior civil servants were both stepping down from their positions.

The reason given for Dr Couch's departure was so a new leadership team could be put in place to oversee reforms which will be recommended in a report carried out by Sir Jonathan Michael, which is due before Tynwald later this month.

No reason was given for Mrs Morris's departure.

However, David Ashford says people shouldn't assume that it's a case of the Chief Executive quitting before being asked to leave.

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