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Free wi-fi on buses

wi-fi nastee er barrooseyn

Bee wi-fi nastee ry-gheddyn er gagh shirveish jeh Bus Vannin.

Bee eh ry-gheddyn er y chooid smoo jeh ny carbid liorish yn tourey.

Hannah, ta raadeyryn er nyn gur er jees as daeed ass y flod jeh tree feed as queig carbid t'ec yn cholught, dy chur boandey lhean gyn cagliagh da pashneyryn.

Ta'n çhalee goll er livrey marish Sure Ellan Vannin. As ta Bus Vannin gra dy vel ee cooie da strateish vun-earrooagh yn reiltys.

Free wi-fi on buses

Bus Vannin is rolling out free Wi-Fi on all its services.

The majority of vehicles will have the facility available by the summer.

Forty-two the company's 65-strong fleet have already been fitted with routers to provide unlimited broadband access to passengers.

Ths project is being carried out with Sure Isle of Man and Bus Vannin says it is in line with the government's digital strategy.

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