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Further call for cannabis debate

Eam elley son resoonaght mychione kennip

Ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh geamagh son resoonaght 'cheeallagh' mychione y chooish jeh kennip.

Y vee shoh, y thie s'inshley jeh'n pharlamaid Ghoaldagh, yioold eh plannyn ry-hoi jannoo leighoil jannoo, creck as ymmyd y druggey.

Ta ashoonyn elley er ghoail ayns laue aghtyn bunneydagh dy ghellal rish stooghyn mee-leighoil ennagh.

Ta Allan Bell goaill rish yn imnea mooar t'ec sleih ennagh bentyn da kennip, agh t'eh credjal dy nhegin smooinaghtyn dowin y yannoo mychione ymmydey kennip myr lheihys.

Further call for cannabis debate

The chief minister is calling for a 'grown-up' debate on the issue of cannabis.

Last month, the House of Commons opposed plans to legalise the production, sale and use of the drug.

Othe nations have adopted radical new approaches in the way they deal with certain illegal substances.

Allan Bell recognises there are strong reservations but believes use of cannabis for medicinal purposes needs strong consideration.

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