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Further Flybe investment 'sign of confidence in future model'

Tooilley argid baiht ayns Flybe 'cowrey y varrant er strughtoor 'sy traa ry heet'

Ta eear er toshee Skianyn Vannin gra dy vod troailtee cur barrant er Flybe, lurg da'n lhuingys aer goll er sauail veih brishey.

Ta Terry Liddiard nish ny haghter son ArreyTroailt.

Daa vee jeig er dy henney, t'eh gra dy ren Flybe goll trooid "boiraneys mooar dy liooar", lurg da ve goit stiagh ayns Possan Lhuingyssyn Aer Connect noa-jeant, lesh Virgin as Stobart.

Choud's ta Mnr Liddiard goaill rish dy vel drogh-eiyrtys er jeet er barrant ny troailtee rish laa ny ghaa er y gherrid, ta treisht echey dy vel traa ry heet y cholught smoo shickyr.

AS TERRY LIDDIARD : She laghyn moghey oc ayns nyn aa-reaghys. T'ad er chur cooidjagh cooish dellal lajer dy liooar, t'ad kiart er n'gholl trooid traa doillee y gheurey, myr shoh, ta treisht ayn . . . she'n nhee eh, dy gheddyn y dellal shoh rish yn RU, dy row feme er ny baihderyn argid oc hene coardail rish baih mooarane argid elley, ta jannoo seose cowrey jeh paart dy varrant 'sy traa ry heet, ansherbee.


Former Manx Airlines boss hopes company has a more certain future

A former head of Manx Airlines says passengers can hold confidence in Flybe, after the airline was saved from collapse.

Terry Liddiard now represents TravelWatch.

Twelve months ago, Flybe underwent "a fairly major upheaval", he says, after it was absorbed into the newly-formed Connect Airways Group, with Virgin and Stobart.

Whilst Mr Liddiard admits passenger confidence will have taken a hit in the past few days, he's hopeful the company has a more certain future ahead:

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