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Future nursing care funding under scrutiny

Cur argid son kiarail boandyrys fo scrutaght

Politickeyryn dy hur-smooinaghtyn er reihyn cummyssagh elley 

Foddee nagh bee coarys sy traa ry heet ry hoi cur argid son kiarail boandyrys as cummaltagh 'syn Ellan ny ta dy chooilley pheiagh laccal.

Shen briwnys y Hirveishagh Polasee as Aa-Chummey.

Nee Chris Thomas cur tuarastyl roish Tinvaal ny s'anmey 'sy vee shoh, jannoo cummey jeh saaseyn elley ry hoi eeck son kiarail.

T'eh coyrlaghey ronsaght as tooilley myn-phoyntyn aynjee jeh coarys dy chaghlaaghyn saase, gollrish shen ta goll er ymmydey ayns Jersey.

Ta Mnr Thomas gra, cre erbee y feaysley vees reiht, dy bee eh ny choardail varganit.

AS MNR THOMAS : Er-lhiam dy vel dy chooilley pheiagh coardail nagh nee cairagh y coarys ec y traa t'ayn. Nish ta feme ain er cur roish feayslaghyn jeantagh dy chur er dy chooilley pheaigh coardail dy vel eh ny s'cairee. Cha bee eh, ny yei shen, caghlaait dy ve freggyrtagh da dy chooilley pheiagh, agh s'treisht lhiam fy yerrey ayns traa cho giare as oddys y ve ayns yn daa vlein shoh cheet, hig mayd gys stayd as ta sleih gra, "She, cha row shen dy bollagh freggyrtagh dooys, agh foddym fakin dy vel eh yn red kiart dy yannoo son dy chooilley pheiagh ayns nyn Ellan."


Politicians to consider possible alternatives 

A future system of funding nursing and residential care in the Island might not suit everyone.

That's the conclusion of the Minister of Policy and Reform.

Chris Thomas will present a report to Tynwald this month, outlining alternative models for paying for care.

It suggests commissioning a more detailed investigation of a mixed model system, like the one used in Jersey.

Mr Thomas says whichever solution is chosen will be a compromise.

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