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Geothermal energy 'could make Island self-sufficient'

Bree geothermagh 'oddys lhiggey da'n Ellan saiaghey eh hene'

Sheckter Shell roish nish credjal dy beagh eh 'fondagh dy mooar rere e chostys'

Ta bree dy liooar er ny stoyral fo nyn gassyn dy lhiggey da'n Ellan saiaghey eh hene.

Shen ny vees credjal sheckter Shell roish nish as geofishigagh ta ny haaue, Graham Fox-Hulme.

T'eh briaght jeh'n reiltys dy hur-smooinaghtyn er jannoo ymmyd jeh chiass vees er ny stoyral ayns creggyn fo'n chooid smoo jeh'n thalloo.

Ta Mnr Fox-Hulme smooinaghtyn dy beagh bree geothermagh fondagh dy mooar rere e chostys cosoylit rish skeimyn elley.

AS GRAHAM FOX-HULME : T'eh foddey ny sloo cramp na pooar geayee, shegin dou gra. Pooar y tidey, she, s'anaasagh shen son shickyrys. Agh ta chesh-veanagh as y chooid elley jeh, dy jarroo, t'ad foddey ny smoo costallagh na jannoo shoh. Yinnagh shoh cooilleeney dy chooilley red, as t'eh, cre'n aght foddym cheet er, cha nel eh cheet gys jerrey er-dty-hon, ec traa erbee. Dy bunnidagh, ta'n chiass as yn aght t'eh ry gheddyn son y chooid smoo bunnys gyn scuirr as gyn cagliagh. 


Former Shell executive believes it would be 'highly cost-effective'

The Isle of Man has enough energy stored beneath our feet to make the Island self-sufficient.

That's the belief of former Shell executive and retired geophysicist, Graham Fox-Hulme.

He's asking government to consider utilising heat stored in rock under much of the local land.

Mr Fox-Hulme thinks geothermal energy would be highly cost-effective compared to other schemes:

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