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Glory days of tourism re-lived

Baghey reesht ayns laghyn gloyroil y turrysid

Ta caa ayn dy vaghey reesht ayns laghyn gloyroil y turrysid ayns jiass yn Ellan yn çhiaghtin shoh.

Taishbynys reaghit ec Treisht Eiraght Rushen, hie eh er fosley ec Halley Balley Phurt le Moirrey Jelune, ayns yn Çhamyr Heear, t'er ny jannoo ass y noa.

Ta caa ec lught-shilley jeeaghyn er queig thieyn-oast ard-ghooagh sy jiass, as clashtyn mychione y sleih mie er enn va cochianglt roo.

Hugh Davidson, Stiureyder y Treisht, t'eh gra dy vel paart dy skeealyn yindyssagh ayn ta cochianglt roo.

Bee yn taishbynys ry-akin gys yn çheyoo laa as feed Jerrey Souree, eddyr lieh-oor lurg jeih sy voghrey as lieh-oor lurg kiare syn astyr.

Ta kied-stiagh nastee.

Glory days of tourism re-lived

There's a chance to re-live the glory days of tourism in the south of the Island this week.

An exhibition organised by the Rushen Heritage Trust got underway at the newly re-furbished West Room at Port St Mary Town Hall on Monday.

Visitors have the chance to see five famous southern hotels and hear about the characters associated with them.

Director of the Trust Hugh Davidson says there are some wonderful stories associated with them.

The exhibition runs until July 26 and is open between 10.30am and 4.30pm. Admission is free.

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