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Government launches carbon audit ahead of plastics ban

Reiltys lhunney scrutaght carbon roish lhiettrimys er stoo plastagh

Skeim aa-choorsal trooid magh yn Ellan goll er sursmooinaghtyn er

Ta'n Reiltys jannoo 'scrutaght carbon' ec y traa t'ayn, choud's t'eh sursmooinaghtyn er vel eh ry yannoo aa-choorsal harrish ny rheynnyn echey.

Shoh cheet choud's ren yn ard shirveishagh cur tuarastyl noi stoo plastagh roish y whaiyl ec soie y vee shoh.

Bee shoh jeant ec yn treealtys, ta geearree cur lhiettrymys er reddyn reiht daa vlein voish nish, liorish goaill pooaraghyn veih'n Villey Caghlaa Emshyraght vees skedjallit dy ve ny clattys ayns 2020.

Ta'n Shirveishagh Chymmyltaght Geoffrey Boot credjal foddee dy jean skeim aa-choorsal trooid magh yn Ellan dy ghoaill stiagh dy chooilley lught-reill ynnydoil, jannoo seose ayrn jeh plan y reiltys.

AS GEOFFREY BOOT : Ta doilleeidyn ain 'syn Ellan, s'baghtal eh, er yn oyr dy vel earroo dy lughtyn-reill ynnydoil ta reaghey cooishyn er-nyn-son hene. As s'doillee ny keayrtyn  ta egin bentyn rish shen. Agh son shickyrys, ta'n RBT [Rheynn Bun-Troggalys], as currym ersyn son y choorsal orch, myr dy ghra, jeeaghyn er aghtyn dy cho-unnaneaghey y saase ain dy aa-choorsal syn Ellan as yn aght ta shin cur rish orch. As er-lhiam dy beagh shen ny chesmad jarrooagh er y raad kiart 


Island-wide recycling scheme being considered

Government is currently conducting a ‘carbon audit’, as it considers the viability of recycling across its departments.

It comes as the chief minister laid a anti-plastics report before the court at this month's sitting.

The proposal, which wants to ban selected items in two years time, will do so by deriving powers from the Climate Change Bill set for legislation in 2020.

Environment Minister Geoffrey Boot believes an Island-wide recycling scheme to include all local authorities, may form part of government’s plan:

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