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Gov't 'must protect those struggling the most'

Er reiltys 'coadey adsyn vees strepey ny smoo'

Shirveishagh Tashtee gra nagh vod cooney elley ve currit da dy chooilley pheiagh 

Ta'n Reiltys cur eab er coadey adsyn vees strepey ny smoo lesh yn chostys bea vees gyrjaghey, agh cha nod eh cooney lesh dy chooilley pheiagh.

Shen chaghteraght shirveishagh tashtee yn Ellan lurg irreeyn ayns costyssyn son gass as lectragh, chammah's rate dy volgey argidoil vees gyrjaghey.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : "Cha nod yn Reiltys eeck dy chooilley vishaghey ayns costyssyn er coontey bolgey argidoil son dy chooilley pheiagh, ny eeck son dy chooilley pheiagh. Cha nod shin agh jeeraghey er ny ta shin smooinaghtyn dy ve ny s'cooie, as 'sy voayl er-lhien dy vel yn builley smoo goll er jannoo, as shen mastey sleih as cheet stiagh injil oc, adsyn ta nyn lughtyn-thie, as adsyn as foddee dy vel cheet stiagh soit oc er coontey jeh ve nyn daaue neesht: ta shin er chur eab er jannoo shen harrish ooilley ny skeimyn coonee."

Ta ny shlee na £850,000 er ve ceaut ayns eeckyssyn coonee elley gys bunnys 3,000 cummaltagh Vannin neayr's ghow priosyn bree goaill toshiaght er irree.

Ta David Ashford gra dy vod taghyrtyn dowanagh gollrish y phandemagh Covid-19 as yn caggey ayns yn Ukraine cur builley dy ynnydoil.

AS DAVID ASHFORD : "Myr Reiltys, ta feme ain er freayll arrey er ny vees taghyrt, as cur eab er cur freggyrt rere shen. Cha nod reiltys erbee sy theihll ayns rieughid reaghey dy choadey dy chooilley pheiagh noi preayssyn y volgey argidoil, agh ny vod mayd jannoo, shen dy chur cooney vees er ny yeeraghey, dy chur eab er cooney lhieusyn vees ny smoo ayns feme, as lhieusyn nee strepey ny smoo, as shen ny hug shin eab er ayns ny skeimyn shoh."


Treasury Minister says not everyone can be given extra help

Government is attempting to protect those who are struggling the most with the rising cost of living, but can't help everyone.

That's the message from the Island's treasury minister following recent rises to the cost of gas and electricity, along with an increasing inflation rate.

More than £850,000 has been paid out in additional support payments to almost 3,000 Manx residents since energy prices started to rise.

David Ashford says global events like the Covid-19 pandemic and Ukraine conflict can have an impact locally:

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