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Harsher penalties for tax cheats

Kerraghey s'trimmey son molteyryn-keesh

Ta ny reillyn caghlaa son cummaltee ta goaill rish lhieeney seose nyn verrymyn-keesh dy h-aggairagh.

Cordail rish reillyn t'ayn nish, eeckeyderyn-keesh ta dy h-arryltagh cur fys da fo-rheynn keesh çheet-stiagh yn reiltys mychione argid nagh row eeckit ny soilshit, foddee ad shaghney geeck argid-kerree ny shlee na t'ad lhiastyn.

Agh veih'n çheyoo laa Jerrey Fouyir, hig y pardoon gys jerrey - as oddagh molteyrys cosney final trome.

Neayr's Mee Averil mleeaney, ta ny lughtyn-reill er n'eddyn ny shlee na nuy millioon punt dy heet-stiagh nagh row soilshit.

Harsher penalties for tax cheats

The rules are changing for residents who admit to filling out their tax returns incorrectly.

Under current regulations, taxpayers who voluntarily inform the government's Income Tax Division about unpaid or undeclared amounts can avoid paying penalties beyond the sum owed.

But from 6 October, the amnesty is ending - and deception could result in hefty fines.

Since April this year, over £9 million of undeclared incomes has been discovered by authorities.

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