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Horse Tram running costs near to half a million

Costyssyn roie ny trammyn cabbil faggys da lieh villioon

Fysseree yn imbagh Mee Averil 2017 gys Mee Vayrt 2018 clouit

Ren roie ny trammyn cabbil rish shooylaghan Doolish costal da Reiltys Ellan Vannin beggan ny sloo na lieh villioon punt 'sy tourey chaie.

Va'n cheet stiagh er ny ghientyn ec bollagh tram yn eiraght £143,000 agh va costyssyn roie £626,000.

Ta ny earrooyn ry gheddyn woish aghin rere seyrsnys fysseree jeant ec Radio Vannin.

Ta'n Rheynn Bun-Troggalys gra dy vel costyssyn goaill stiagh kionnaghey ny vondeishyn, ny nheeghyn kianglt as ny nheeghyn fest veih Coonceil Balley Corpagh Ghoolish va stiurey ny trammyn derrey ghow yn reiltys harrish ayns 2016.

Horse Tram running costs near to half a million

April 2017 to March 2018 season stats released

Running the horse trams along Douglas promenade cost the Isle of Man Government just shy of half a million pounds last summer.

Revenue generated by the heritage tramway was £143,000 but running costs were £626,000.

The figures come from a freedom of information request made by Manx Radio.

The Department of Infrastructure says costs include the purchase of assets, fixtures and fittings from Douglas Borough Council who ran the trams until government took over in 2016.

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