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House of Keys sat yesterday morning

Va'n Chiare as Feed nyn soie moghrey jea

Va'n Chiare as Feed nyn soie moghrey jea, as pabyr lhome lane d'eyshtyn oc.

Ooilley cooidjagh, va un eysht as feed ayn son freggyrtyn loayrit y laa jea, chammah as hoght feyshtyn elley son freggyrtyn screeuit.

Va ny cooishyn goll voish Gas Vannin, thooillaghyn ec yn Ynnyd Spoyrt Ashoonagh, as Plan yn Ard Hiar, gys thie-raane noa, as noddagh galleree ellyn ashoonagh son Mannin ve currit er bun.

Va bunnys lieh jeh ny feyshtyn shen voish Peter Karran, Oltey son Skeerey Connaghyn, as va queig feyshtyn elley voish e cho-obbree ass Mannin Libraalagh, Kate Beecroft, Oltey son Doolish Yiass.

Y chied red er yn phabyr-obbyr moghrey jea, va shen John Joughin, Oltey son Doolish Hiar, as eh shirrey fys noddagh Thie-Oast Cashtal Vona  çheet dy ve ny ghalleree ellyn ashoonagh son yn Ellan: v'eh goll d'eyshtey yn Ard-Shirveishagh Allan Bell mychione y chooish.

Chris Thomas, Oltey son Doolish Heear, vrie eshyn mychione dellal Oik Dellal Cairagh lesh Gas Vannin, bentyn da quoid argid oddys eh cosney.

Chammah as shen, va daa villey noa ayn dy ve resoonit, lurg da lhiasaghyn v'er nyn yannoo ec yn Choonseil Slattyssagh - ta ny lhiasaghyn dellal rish sleih ta fo-ghlass, as rish stiurey troggal.

Va'n Choonseil Slattyssagh ny soie neesht moghrey jea voish lieh-oor lurg jeih, lesh trass lhaihyssyn jeh daa villey er e pabyr-obbyr.

House of Keys sat yesterday morning

The House of Keys sat yesterday morning with a packed paper of questions.
In total, there were 21 questions for spoken answer yesterday, as well as another eight for written reply.

Topics ranged from Manx Gas, flooding at the National Sports Centre and the Eastern Plan Area, to a new bail hostel and the possibility of a Manx Natiional Art Gallery.

Onchan MHK Peter Karran had almost half of those questions, while his LibVan colleague South Douglas MHK Kate Beecroft had another five.

First on the order paper yesterday morning was East Douglas MHK John Joughin who wanted to know whether the Castle Mona Hotel could become a national art gallery for the Island: he was to quiz Chief Minister Allan Bell on the issue.

West Douglas MHK Chris Thomas asked about the Office of Fair Trading's deal with Manx Gas about the amount of profit it can make.

Two new bills were also for discussion after amendments were made by the Legislative Council - they deal with people in custody and building control.

The Legislative Council also sat yesterday morning from 10.30am, with third readings for two bills on its order paper.

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