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IAG among companies interested in Flybe purchase

IAG mastey colughtyn as sym oc er kionnaghey Flybe

Virgin as Stobart Air imraait neesht

Ta faaue dy vel shellooder Aer Lingus, International Airlines Group ny IAG, mastey ny colughtyn as sym oc er kionnaghey Flybe.

Ren yn lhuingys aer ardjynagh, ta getlagh kuse dy choorseyn lane-scanshoil veih Ellan Vannin, cur eh hene ry chreck er y gherrid lurg raaueyn gyere er vondeishyn as coayl £12 millioon jerkit mleeaney.

Ta sleih credjal dy vel y colught er ve jannoo coloayrtys rish kuse dy chionneyderyn cummyssagh, goaill stiagh Stobart Air as Virgin.

Ta Ryan Air as EasyJet er n'ghra dy foshlit nagh vel sym oc er kionneeaght erbee oddys y ve ayn.

Ta'n Irish Examiner cur coontey jeh, dy vel paart cummyssagh Flybe myr shirveish cur lhee sleih son coorseyn harrish yn Atlantagh er ve currit roish myr red ennagh dy chleayney lhuingyssyn aer eddyr-ashoonagh.

Ren ronnaghyn Flybe yrjaghey liorish 30% lurg yn aaue dy row sym ec IAG ayns geddyn y lhuingys aer.


Virgin and Stobart Air also mentioned

It's claimed Aer Lingus's owner, International Airlines Group or IAG, is among the companies interested in buying Flybe.

The regional airline, which flies several key routes from the Isle of Man, put itself up for sale recently after severe profit warnings and an expected loss this year of £12 million.

It's believed the company has been in talks with several potential buyers, including Stobart Air and Virgin.

Ryan Air and EasyJet have publicly stated that they are not interested in any possible purchase.

The Irish Examiner reports that Flybe’s potential role as a feeder service to transatlantic routes has been suggested as an attraction for international airlines.

Flybe's shares went up over 30% following the suggestion that IAG was interested in acquiring the airline.

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