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Identity Manx but nationality British

Jarroo-enney Manninagh, agh ashoonaght Goaldagh

Cummaltee Ellanagh ta gaarlaghey nyn verrymyn coontey-sleih y lhieeney seose, lhisagh ad cur 'Goaldagh' myr nyn ashoonaght, kied echey lajer nyn yarroo-enney Manninagh.

Ta paart jeh'n theay er veyshtey cre'n fa nagh vel 'Manninagh' goit stiagh myr reih ayns ny ferrymyn, haink stiagh ayns thieyn roish oie choontey-sleih, Jedoonee, yn chiarroo laa as feed Mee Averil.

Ashoonaght chummaltee Vannin, as ee coardit dy h-oikoil liorish leigh eddyr-ashoonagh, lhisagh ee ve currit myr Goaldagh: she jarroo-enney ashoonagh, Manninagh.

She staydys leighagh Goaldagh t'ec cummaltee Vannin, coardail rish kiedyn-troailt currit magh ayns Mannin - shen ny ta'n Ard-Shirveishagh Allan Bell gra.

T'eh gra nagh vel shen gannooinagh y jarroo-enney Manninagh lajer s'braew leshyn as lesh e cho leih-çheerey. 

Identity Manx but nationality British

Island residents preparing to fill-in their census forms should enter 'British' as their nationality - however strong their Manx identity.

Members of the public have questioned why 'Manx' isn't included as an option on the forms, which have arrived in homes ahead of census night, Sunday, April 24.

Isle of Man residents' nationality, as recognised by international law, should be given as British: Manx describes a national identlty.

Chief Minister Allan Bell says passports issued in the Isle of Man recognise residents as having British legal status.

He says that doesn't detract from the strong Manx identity he and his fellow countrymen hold dear.

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