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Inmate's 'mental health ' plea granted

Aghin 'slaynt-aigney' phryssoonagh lhiggit

Strane dy chassidyn noi pryssoonagh, t'ad er ve jeant gyn bree kyndagh rish cooishyn bentyn da slaynt-aigney.

Haink Alister John Cowin rish ec Thie Quaiyllagh Ghoolish Jemayrt liorish kiangley-feeshan veih Jourbee.

Y pryssoonagh, ta tree bleeaney jeig as feed dy eash, va cassid jeant er dy ren eh gaghtey dy meereiltagh ny dy baggyrtagh keayrt ny ghaa ayns Mee Vayrnt ny Mee Averil, as eh ayns pryssoon kyndagh rish loghtyn elley.Agh hooar scrutaght hickeeatragh magh dy row Cowin er ve surranse kyndagh rish drogh laynt.

Hug shen er y Lhiass-Ard Vaylee Jane Hughes dy yannoo gagh fer jeh ny kiare cassidyn dy ve gyn bree.Hed e vun-deyrey er-oi  myr dy cliaghtagh.

Inmate's 'mental health ' plea granted

A series of charges brought against a prisoner has been dropped on mental health grounds.Alister John Cowin appeared at Douglas courthouse via video link from Jurby on Tuesday.

The 33 year-old was accused of disorderly or threatening behaviour on several ocasions in March and April last year while serving a sentence for other crimes.

But a psychiatric report found Cowin had been suffering from ongoing health issues - prompting Deputy High Bailiff Jayne Hughes to suspend all four charges.

His current sentence will continue to run as normal.

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