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Inquiry into parole system concludes

Brialtys mychione coarys cur-er-fockle çheet gy kione

Brialtys lhean mychione coarys cur-er-fockle yn Ellan, haink eh gy kione ayns Doolish Jelune.

Cheayll lught y vrialtys veih caghlaa dy skimmeeyn ghow ayrn ayns lhiggey seyr y pryssoonagh Donovan Kitching ayns feed cheead as kiare-jeig, ren Gwen Valentine y varroo, jeeragh tree shiaghtin ny s'anmagh.

Skimmee phryssoon as prowalys, yn Ard-Veoir-Shee as y Shirveishagh Cooishyn Sthie, v'ad ny mast'oc shen hug feanish lesh myn-phointyn mychione y choarys tra ren eh failleil.

Y caairliagh Geoff Karran, nee eh tuarastyl nish, chammah as list dy voyllaghyn, vees currit roish Tinvaal ny s'anmagh sy vlein shoh.

Inquiry into parole system concludes

A comprehensive inquiry into the Island's parole system concluded in Douglas on Monday.

It heard from a range of personnel involved in the release of prisoner Donovan Kitching in 2014, who proceeded to kill 62-year-old Gwen Valentine just three weeks later.

Prison and probation staff, the Chief Constable and the Home Affairs Minister were among those giving detailed evidence on the failings that took place.

Chairman Geoff Karran will now compile a report and list of recommendations to be laid before Tynwald later this year.

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