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'Invasive species threaten our biodiversity'

'Keintyssyn chionney stiagh baggyrt er y vea-chaghlaays ain'

Treisht Bea Feie Vannin tayrn geill da chionneyderyn stiagh neu-laccalit

Ta keintyssyn chionney stiagh baggyrt dy mooar er bea-chaghlaays yn Ellan as ta feme er freayll arrey orroo.

Shen rere Laura Howe, oaseir marrey Treisht Bea Feie Vannin.

Ta'n cheshaght yiastyllagh shirrey er y theay dy yeeaghyn magh son keintyssyn chionney stiagh ayns coorseyn ushtey as puirt as mooir yn Ellan, as tayrn geill da'n jeeill oddagh ve jeant oc.

T'eh er chlou coyrle dy chooney lesh cur enney er ny chionneyderyn stiagh neu-laccalit myr ayrn jeh Shiaghtin Bea Feie Vannin.

Ta Laura Howe gra, mannagh vel shin freayll rick er ny keintyssyn shoh, ta goaill stiagh Sarkyl Streng, Ooastyr Pacifagh as Bayrnag Austrailagh, oddagh ad traartys y yannoo.

AS LAURA HOWE: Ny s'moghey oddagh oo cronnaghey red ennagh, ny share t'eh. Myr sampleyr, cha nel yn Ooastyr Pacifiagh, as shen ain heose ayns Rhumsaa, jannoo doilleeid erbee ec y traa t'ayn, agh ta shin fo raad, eh y ghoaill veih boallaghyn y phurt. Agh ayns buill elley cheusthie jeh'n Reeriaght Unnaneysit, t'eh jannoo seose ny brattyn mooarey chiu shoh ta goaill harrish dy bollagh yn oayll. S'cronnal eh myr shoh dy vel eh jannoo ny sloo bea-chaghlaays, ta ny red er-lheh ta shin ceau wheesh traa er ayns yn Ellan, as dy chur er y hoshiaght as dy choadey.

'Invasive species threaten our biodiversity'

Manx Wildlife Trust raise awareness about unwanted invaders

Invasive species pose a major threat to the Island's bio-diversity and need to be monitored.

That's according to Lara Howe, the marine officer at the Manx Wildlife Trust.

The charity is asking members of the public to be on the look out for invasive species in the Island's waterways, harbours and sea, and raise awareness of the damage they can cause.It's produced a guide to help identify the unwanted invaders as part of Manx Wildlife Week. 

Laura Howe says if we don't keep track of these species, which include Wireweed, Pacific Oysters, and Australian Barnacle, they could cause havoc:

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