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IoM to host National Road Championships 2017

Nee Mannin goltaghey ny Feniaghtyssyn-Raad Ashoonagh mleeaney

Ta Mannin er ny reih dy oltaghey ny Feniaghtyssyn Ashoonagh Daawheeylaght Ghoaldagh ayns feed cheead as shiaght-jeig.

Ta shoh kyndagh rish çheb speeideilagh jeant ec Daawheeylaght Eddyrashoonagh Vannin as y Rheynn Cooishyn Tarmaynagh nurree.

Yn immeeaght, lesh barrantys HSBC, hed ee er-oi voish Jerdein y nah laa as feed Mean Souree gys Jedoonee yn wheiggoo laa as feed Mean Souree.

S'cosoylagh dy jean ee cleayney huggey paart jeh ny h-ard roareyryn sy teihll.

Chossyn Adam Blythe y boyn airhey  sy ratçh jerrinagh nurree, as va'n Virril Vanninagh Mark Cavendish faggys da sy nah ynnyd.

Chammah as shen, hed yn immeeaght jerrey shiaghtin er çhellveeishey dy bollagh.

Richard Fletcher, caairliagh Cho-heshaght Daawheeylaght Vannin, dooyrt eh dy vel yn Ellan ny 'cooylrey smoo fondagh son yn immeeaght'.

Ny sodjey, dooyrt Jonny Clay dr row eh 'creauagh' dy ve goll gys yn Ellan son y daayt smoo ayns feaillere ny ratçhyn-raad.

IoM to host National Road Championships 2017

The Isle of Man has been chosen to host British Cycling's National Championships in 2017.

It follows a successful bid by Manx International Cycling and the Department of Economic Affairs last year.

The event, sponsored by HSBC, will run from Thursday 22 June until Sunday 25 June - and is set to attract some of the world's top cyclists.

Adam Blythe took gold in the final last year, with Manx Missile Mark Cavendish a close second.

There will also be full televised coverage of the weekend's action.

IOM Cycling Association chairman Richard Fletcher said the Island's 'the perfect backdrop for the event'.

British Cycling's director Jonny Clay added it was 'thrilling' to be headed to the Island for 'the biggest date in the road racing calendar'.

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