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Island hosts dementia conference

Yn Ellan cummal cohaglym dementia

Cohaglym dy resooney gagh cooish bentyn da dementia, v'eh er ny chummal ayns Mannin jea (Jemayrt).

Lught yn immeeaght ec y Villa Marina, cheayll ad mychione yn aght s'jerree dy heet gys cur faaishnys-enn er gorley Alzheimer, as mychione jeeaghyn mysh surransee.

Oaylleeyn ass yn Reeriaght Unnaneyssit, hug ad faaueyn er aghtyn oddys bree ve currit ayns Mannin da lessoonyn ynsit hoal.

Yn Olloo Alistair Burns, stiureyder clinicoil ashoonagh son dementia ayns shirveish slaynt ashoonagh Hostyn, v'eh ayns yn Ellan son yn immeeaght.

Ghow eh ayrn ayns resoonaght-phossan, chammah as seshoon feysht as freggyrt lesh y lught-eaishtaght.

Grahame Bell ass Sheshaght Alzheimer syn Ellan, dooyrt eh dy re roshtyn dy chooilley pheiagh ta feme cooney as pohlldal va'n dean.

Island hosts dementia conference

A conference to discuss all aspects of dementia was staged in the Isle of Man yesterday (Tuesday).

The event at the Villa Marina heard about the latest approach towards diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease, and the care pathway for sufferers.
Expert speakers from the UK suggested how lessons learned there can be applied to the Isle of Man.

NHS England's national clinical director for dementia Professor Alistair Burns, in the Island for the event, took part in a panel discussion and an audience question and answer session.

Grahame Bell of the Alzheimer's Society in the Island said the target was to reach everyone who needs help and support.

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