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Island police receive IIP Champion Status

Meoiryn-shee Ellanagh geddyn y Staydys Feniagh Lhiaseyderyn Skimmee

Ta meoiryn-shee Vannin er jeet dy ve nyn gied veoiryn-shee ayns ny h-Ellanyn Goaldagh dy gheddyn y Staydys Feniagh Lhiaseyderyn Skimmee.

Ta'n aundyr stowit son ard-reirey pobble, as ta enney currit er feiy ny cruinney.

Ta failleyderyn goll er briwnys son caghlaa mooar dy howseyn, gollrish leeideilys, traenal as lhiasaghey persoonagh.

Yn ard-veoir shee, Gary Roberts, t'eh gra dy vel ny meoiryn-shee kinjagh streeu dy yannoo ny share.

Island police receive IIP Champion Status

The Isle of Man Constabulary has become the first force in the British Isles to receive the Investors in People (IIP) Champion Status.

The award is given for exceptional people management and is recognised around the world.

Employers are judged on a wide range of criteria such as leadership, training and personal development.

Chief Constable Gary Roberts says the force is always striving to do better.

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