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Island pride after Jersey heroics

Moyrn Ellanagh lurg treanid ayns Jersey

Ta'n Ellan smooinaghtyn dy taitnyssagh er Gammanyn Ellanagh NatWest va speeideilagh - haink Mannin sy nah ynnyd ayns y voayrd, as ee cosney kiare feed as jeih boynyn ooilley cooidjagh.

Ren tree etlaghyn faillit cur lesh ny roortee thie voish Jersey Jesarn.

Ec Roonysvaie, ren lughtyn-thie, caarjyn as lught-pohlldal çheet nyn guaiyl dy moyrnagh.

Reireyder y skimmee daa-wheeylaght, Andrew Roche, dooyrt eh dy dug yn Ellan dy chooilley nhee v'oc.

Island pride after Jersey heroics

The Island is reflecting on a successful NatWest Island Games which saw it finish second in the table with a haul of 90 medals.

Three charter flights brought the athletes home from Jersey on Saturday.

They were met at Ronaldsway by proud families, friends and supporters.

Cycling team manager Andrew Roche said the Island gave it their all.

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