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Islanders pay respects to Paris victims at memorial

Ellanee cur arrym da dreighyn Pharis ec cooinaghtane

Cosheeaght hostagh er shooylaghan Ghoolish Jedoonee, hug ee caa da sleih ynnydagh dy ghobberan son dreighyn ny h-atçhimyn-caggee ayns Paris, as son dreighyn jeh atçhimyn-caggee elley feiy ny cruinney.

Shen reir Fer-Toshee yn Choonseil, David y Christeen, ren yn immeeaght y reaghey marish Annie Nédellec, y consul Frangagh onnoragh.

Jedoonee, hie ny shlee na keead dy leih gys y chooinaghtane-caggee, dy ghoaill ayrn ayns talkal neuheshaghtagh gys Thie ny Troailtee Marrey, as ad coamrit ayns eaddagh jiarg, bane as gorrym - daahghyn y vrattagh Frangagh.

Dooyrt Mnr y Christeen dy dug eh caa da sleih dy chur nyn arrym da sleih va marrit ec caggaghyn feiy ny cruinney.

Islanders pay respects to Paris victims at memorial

A silent walk along Douglas promenade on Sunday gave local people a chance to mourn the victims of the Paris attacks, as well as other conflicts across the world.

That's according to Council Leader David Christian, who organised the event with honorary French consul Annie Nédellec.

More than a hundred people attended the war memorial on Sunday to take part in a solitary stroll to the Sea Terminal, dressed in red, white and blue - the colours of the tricolour.

Mr Christian said it enabled people to pay their respects to the war dead across the world.

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