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Isle of Man 'dictated to' by Jersey and UK, says former Chief Minister

Ellan Vannin 'goll er cur fo harey' liorish Jersey as yn RU, as eear Ard Shirveishagh

Donald Gelling cremmey reaghys dy ghooney banglaneyn banc

Ta eear Ard Shirveishagh Ellan Vannin gra dy vel eh gennaghtyn feer 'neu-aashagh' mychione y reaghys dy ghooney daa vanglane Banc Ellan Vannin.

Ta Donald Gelling er chremmey yn aghtys, as eh gra dy vel yn Ellan 'goll er cur fo harey' ec y Reeriaght Unnaneysit as Jersey.

Ren y banc, s'lesh RBS Eddyr-Ashoonagh, fograghey magh dy jean ny banglaneyn echey ayns Purt ny Hinshey as Balleychashtal dooney Jerrey Geuree 2021.

As eh loayrt er Linney Vannin, ren Mnr Gelling gra neesht dy row imnea dy ren custymeyryn feddyn magh trooid ny meanyn, shaghey dy jeeragh veih'n vanc.

AS DONALD GELLING : Ta shin goll er cur fo harey, cha nee ynrican veih'n Reeriaght Unnaneysit agh veih'n lheid as Jersey. As cha nel mee agh gennaghtyn dy vel shoh cheet dy ve feer eer neu-aashagh, as cha nel mee agh gindys, myr t'ou gra, tra haink shoh magh, cheayll mish er Radio Vannin roish my dooar mee kuse dy screeunyn 'sy phost va ginsh dou, myr custymeyr er-my-hon as son reddyn elley, jantyssyn elley, dy jinnagh eh taghyrt. Nish, ta mee gennaghtyn shoh dy ve feer ass credjue.


Donald Gelling criticises decision to close bank branches

A former Chief Minister of the Isle of Man says he feels very 'uneasy' about the decision to close two branches of Isle of Man Bank.

Donald Gelling has criticised the move, stating that the Island is being 'dictated to' by the UK and Jersey.

The bank, which is owned by RBS International, announced its Peel and Castletown branches will shut in January 2021.

Speaking on the Mannin Line, Mr Gelling also expressed concern that customers found out through the media, rather than directly from the bank:

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