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Isle of Man Motor Museum expects 'tough summer'

Thie Tashtee Motor Ellan Vannin jerkal rish 'sourey doillee'

Stiureyder bleaystey plannyn barroose

Nee injillaghey yn earroo dy varrooseyn shirveishagh er Jurby 'jannoo dy mooar' er dellal, rere shellooder fer mastey ard ynnydyn turryssagh y valley beg cheerey.

Ta Stiureyder Thie Tashtee Motor Ellan Vannin Darren Cunningham er vleaystey plannyn y reiltys dy chur shirveish noa ayns ynnyd jeh'n fer t'ayn nish, as t'eh gra dy vel eh er ve faagit gyn fys erbee er reaghyssyn son y TT.

Screeu Mnr Cunningham rish y Ving Kiedyn Arraghey Raad, shassoo dy formoil noi treealtyssyn Bus Vannin, er y chiaghtin.

My vees bree currit da ny caghlaaghyn, t'eh jerkal rish 'sourey feer doillee'.

AS DARREN CUNNINGHAM : Cha nel cowrey ayn dy bee shirveishyn erbee er-lheh goll choud's ta'n TT ayn. Nish t'ad jannoo claare hraa varroose as TT er-lheh, agh cha nel cowrey ayn. Myr shoh t'eh orrin gobbraghey rere y toiggalys nagh vel shirveishyn barroose ain choud's ta'n TT ayn.

Y sourey shoh chaie as y sourey roish shen  . . . Ayns traa yn TT, ayns traa traa yn MGP, ta dy firrinagh ain barroose lane dy leih cheet. As foddee oo fakin barroose cheet gys stap cheumooie jeh'n Thie Tashtee, as nee dy chooilley pheiagh cheet veih'n varroose as bee arbyl mooie ec dorrys y Thie Tashtee. She eiyrtys mooar bee ayn mannagh vel shen ain mleeaney.

Director blasts bus plans

A reduction to the number of buses serving Jurby will have a 'significant impact' on business, according to the owner of one of the village's prime visitor attractions.

The Director of the Isle of Man Motor Museum Darren Cunningham has blasted government plans to replace the current service, and says he has been left in the dark over arrangements for TT.

Mr Cunningham wrote to the Road Transport Licensing Committee, formally objecting to Bus Vannin's proposals, during the week.

Should the changes go through, he expects 'a very tough summer'.

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