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Jack Frost to close doors

Jack Frost dy ghooney dorryssyn

Fys goll er insh da fir jannoo magh er y vriwnys

T'eh er ve feerit dy jean slane-chreckeyder bee Jack Frost dooney.

Ta fys er y vriwnys goll er cur da myn-chreckeyderyn ta jeant magh liorish y cholught.

Va'n colught er ny hauail veih dooney Toshiaght Arree lurg da dellal ve reaghit 'sy vinnid s'jerree dy hannaghtyn lesh cur argid.

She Mike Priest ta'n Stiureyder Reiree.

AS MIKE PRIEST: Hug shin strughtoor noa er y cholught, hug shin stiagh bart elley dy argid, dy yannoo briwnys cre goll-rish veagh shen. Agh va dellal cho olk Toshiaght Arree lesh yn emshyr, aght erbee, as cha nel eh er hareaghey monney neayr's shen, myr shoh . . . as er-yn-oyr dy vel y reiltys ginsh dooin dy vel y turryssid ny sinshley . . . myr shoh, lesh ooilley ny nheeghyn shoh ta shin er ve geddyn, ta orrin dooney.
Myr shoh ta shin reaghey dy ghooney dy doaie rish shiaghtin ny ghaa shoh cheet, as shen choud's ta cooid tannaghtyn ayn, cha nel veg elley cheet stiagh ayn. Bee 'yn chied dy heet, yn chied dy ve shirveishit', as eisht nee mayd creck ooilley yn chooid offish, deskyn as dy chooilley red elley ta peiagh ennagh laccal - photo-choipeyderyn - as myr shoh bee fwirran mygeayrt y troggal derrey vees eh creckit, as bee eh currit ry chreck yn chiaghtin shoh.

Jack Frost to close doors

Suppliers being informed of decision

It's been confirmed that food wholesaler Jack Frost is to close.

Outlets supplied by the company are being informed of the decision.

The company had been rescued from closure in February after a last minute deal was secured for continued funding.

Managing Director is Mike Priest:

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