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Jurby Junk headed for scrap

Jurby Junk er y raad gys trustyr

Cleayn Ellanagh ta ennoil da turrysee, t'eh er ny 'eeraghey dy jig eh gys jerrey ny s'anmagh sy vlein shoh.

Thie-stoyr bric-a-brac, doshil Jurby Junk son y chied cheayrt ayns nuy cheead, tree feed as queig-jeig. Chossyn eh ard-ghoo son e haglym dy 'illosheryn as lioaryn.

Agh nish, Sheila Pixton, y ven hug Jurby Junk er bun, t'ee er vockley magh dy vel ee kiarail yn çhapp y yeigh son y cheayrt s'jerree, Jedoonee yn wheiggoo laa jeig Mean Fouyir.

Nurree, hoilshee Ms Pixton boirey bentyn da maylyn ec yn ynnyd, va grait dy ve bishaghey gys ny shlee na jeih as feed thousane punt sy vlein.

Va Jurby Junk currit dy ve ry-chreck ayns daa housane as tree-jeig son daa cheead thousane punt - cha row çhebbyn erbee goit rish. 

Jurby Junk headed for scrap

It's been confirmed a popular Island tourist attraction is to close later this year.

Bric-a-brac warehouse Jurby Junk first opened in 1976, and found fame for its esoteric collection of knick-knacks and books.

But now founder Sheila Pixton has announced she's planning to shut up shop for the fnal time on Sunday, 15 October.

Concerns were raised by Ms Pixton last year over the costs of rent on the site, which were said to be rising above £30,000 per year.

It was put up for sale in 2013 with £200,000 price tag - no offers were accepted.

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