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Key issues on Tynwald agenda

Ard-Chooishyn er claare-obbyr Hinvaal

Veih penshynyn gys reilley-slaynt - va Tinvaal lung-lane jerkit tra va toshiaght currit da soie Jerrey Souree yn pharlamaid Vanninagh moghrey jea (Jemayrt).

S'cosoylagh dy beagh tree laa as oie ceaut er yn teshoon, y fer s'jerree roish yn vrishey souree.

Va hoght cooishyn as daeed er y chlaare-obbyr, kyndagh rish feyshtyn as çheb veih Chris Robertshaw, Oltey jeh'n Chiare as Feed son Doolish Hiar, son resoonaght yiare-cheim mychione penshynyn sy cherroo theayagh.

V'eh jerkit dy derragh yn Ard-Shirveishagh magh fockley mooar mychione bundeil noa dy skeimyn dy ghreinnaghey ventyrys as failley syn Ellan. As John Shimmin, y Shirveishagh son Polasee as Aa-chummey, v'eh dy chur magh fockley mychione polasee bentyn da eash veanagh chummaltee yn Ellan - eash veanagh ta gaase.

Key issues on Tynwald agenda

From pensions to health regulation - a bumper Tynwald was in prospect when the July sitting of the Manx parliament got underway yesterday morning (Tuesday).

Three days and night were likely to be needed to complete the session, the final one before the summer recess.

There were 48 items on the order paper following questions and a bid from East Douglas MHK Chris Robertshaw for an emergency debate on public sector pensions.

The Chief Minister was expected to make a major announcement on a fresh package of initiatives to encourage enterprise and employment  on the Island, while Minister for Policy and Reform John Shimmin was to issue a statement on policy relating to the Island's ageing population.

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