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Labour party focuses on environment

Partee obbraghys jeeraghey er chymmyltaght

Partee Obbraghys Vannin votal stiagh co-oardrailagh son cooishyn glassey

Ta loayreyder ass-lieh Partee Obbraghys Vannin gra nagh vel jeeraghey dy liooar er cooishyn y hymmyltaght ayns politickaght Vannin.

Ec yn Chaglym Cadjin Bleinoil echey er y gherrid, ren y partee votal stiagh Joney Faragher myr co-oardrailagh son cooishyn glassey.

Ta Partee Obbraghys Vannin jannoo dean jeh'n chymmyltaght myr fer jeh ny ard-chooishyn echey ayns e cheeadoo vlein, myr ayrn jeh eab dy vishaghey y tuarastallys echey 'sy reiltys 'sy traa ry heet.

She Ged Power ta oaseir y phartee son ny meanyn.

AS MNR POWER:  T'ou cur y feysht, "Cre ta'n polasee ain? Y polasee son y chymmyltaght 'syn Ellan: c'red t'eh? Ny c'red ta'n polasee ain er pooar y gheayee? T'ou jeeaghyn harrish y vaie as t'ou fakin cheeadyn dy hurbeenyn gheayee ayns shen er dty choorse gys Heysham, agh ny yei cha nel eer paart jeh shen ain er chor erbee: cha nel veg 'syn Ellan.
Ta polasee ain er orch ta scarrit eddyr caghlaaghyn lught-reill ynnydoil. Shen dy ghra, cha nel eh speeideilagh. Agh cha nel mee clashtyn veg ec y traa t'ayn ta gra dy bee shoh goit ayns laue. T'ad shoh nyn ard-chooishyn scanshoil ta dy feer boirey sleih.

Labour party focuses on environment

Manx Labour Party votes in green issues co-ordinator

A Manx Labour Party spokesman says there's not enough focus on environmental issues in Manx politics.

At its recent Annual General Meeting, the party voted Joney Faragher in as green issues coordinator.

The MLP is targeting the environment as one of its key focuses in its centenary year, as part of a push to bolster its representation in government in the future.

The party's media officer is Ged Power.

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