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Lanyard scheme to help those with hidden disabilities

Skeim lanyard dy chooney lhieusyn as anlheiltyssyn follit oc

Arraghey EV glackey bree dy phohlldal troailtee lesh femeyn elley

Ta sleih as anlheiltyssyn follit oc goll er greinnaghey dy gheddyn lanyard er-lheh, boandey mhuinneel ny  cowrey freeney dy cheau tra t'ad troailt mygeayrt yn Ellan.

Ta Arraghey Ellan Vannin er ghlackey y skeim Lus ny Greiney son Anlheiltyssyn Follit dy hoilshaghey magh dy reajagh da fwirran arraghey dy vel femeyn elley ec peiagh.

Ta Hannah Lo Bao ny reireyder son keeayl chionnit ny custymeyryn as t'ee gra dy vel eh mychione cur barrant da sleih as jannoo jurnaaghyn ny sassey:

AS HANNAH LO BAO : "Nee ymmodee custymeyryn as anlheiltyssyn follit oc jannoo ymmyd jeh'n arraghey ain, as t'eh jus cur pohlldal beg elley son y chustymeyr dy yannoo shickyr, tra t'ad goll er boayrd y varroose, y traen, y tram, cre erbee er t'ad dy gholl, dy vel red ennagh ry akin oc, dy vel yn cowrey ec y wirran obbree ain dy vriaght jeh'n chustymeyr vel aght elley foddym uss y phohlldal, my vees feme er." 

Ta lanyardyn, boandaghyn mhuinneel as cowraghyn freeney ry gheddyn veih'n Ynnyd Failt 'sy Stashoon Marrey, veih stashoon barroose as raad yiarn Phurt Chiarn as veih stashoon barroose Rhumsaa.

T'ad ry gheddyn nish veih Sheshaght Beuyr Ellan Vannin as veih Spital Ellan Vannin.


IoM Transport adopts initiative to support passengers with extra needs

People with hidden disabilities are being encouraged to get a special lanyard, wristband or pin to wear while travelling around the Island.

Isle of Man Transport has adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower scheme to discreetly show transport staff that a person has extra needs.

Hannah Lo Bao is the customer experience manager and says it's about giving people confidence and making journeys easier:


Lanyards, wristbands and pins are available from the Welcome Centre at the Sea Terminal, Port Erin bus and railway station and Ramsey bus station.

They're also available from the Manx Deaf Society and Hospice Isle of Man.

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