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LibVan not the opposition says MHK

Cha nee'n staayney ta LibVan ta OCF dy ghra

Cha nel partee noi plannyn ooilley Coonceil ny Shirveishee

Ta OCF (Oltey yn Chiare as Feed) jeh LibVan er n'ghobbal dy nee partee y staayney eh, as eh gra nagh nee agh 'boghtynid' ta lheid y raa.

Va Lawrie Hooper loayrt lurg soie s'noa yn Chiare as Feed, ayn ren eh cur feyshtyn mychione cruinnid yn Tashtey lesh y Phaggad Gaal as mychione fondid coarys plannal yn Ellan.

Dirree eh seose kuse dy cheayrtyn ayns resoonaghtyn Tinvaal er y gherrid dy chur feysht mychione ny va goll er cur roish, as dy mennick cheet er ny v'eh fakin dy ve nyn lheamyssyn ny nyn neu-chiartyssyn v'ayn. 

Ta Mnr Hooper gra nagh vel shen meanal dy vel LibVan noi dy chooilley red currit roish ec Coonceil ny Shirveishee.

AS LAWRIE HOOPER : Cha nee, cha nel mee credjal shen. Ta shen dy mennick currit nyn lieh, agh t'eh jeeaghyn dy ve barel cadjin ec shiartanse dy hirveishee. Cho leah's t'ou cur roish cremmey jantyssagh erbee jeh ny ta taghyrt, t'ad chelleeragh goaill y barel, "Cha nel oo cloie dy jonnick, cha nel oo gobbraghey myr oltey y wirran, t'ou uss son shickyrys y staayney." 

Cha nee agh boghtynid eh, dy loayrt dy foshlit. Ta shinyn myr partee feer chleeir, er-lhiam, er ny ta shin smooinaghtyn dy ve kiart ny neu-chiart, as cha nel aggle ain, shassoo dy dunnal er-nyn-son hene as goll er clashtyn, as shassoo dy dunnal son cummaltee nyn rheynnyn reihyssagh. As er-lhiam dy vel shen nagh mie lesh shiartanse dy hirveishee: cha mie lhieu, peiagh ennagh cowraghey magh paart jeh ny lheamyssyn ayns ny polaseeyn oc as ny barellyn oc.


Party not against all Comin plans

A LibVan MHK has denied it is a party of opposition, saying such claims are 'nonsense'.

Lawrie Hooper was speaking after the latest House of Keys sitting, during which he tabled questions about Treasury's closeness to the Steam Packet and the effectiveness of the Island's planning system.

He has also got to his feet a number of times during recent Tynwald debates to query what was being proposed, often pointing out what he sees as flaws or inaccuracies.

Mr Hooper says that doesn't mean LibVan is against everything put forward by the Council of Ministers.

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