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Liverpool ferry terminal project 'more difficult than anyone imagined'

Shalee son ynnyd lhong-assaig Liverpool 'smoo doillee na va peiagh erbee sheiltyn'

Shirveishagh cur barel lurg date son cur kione er currit shaghey

Ta'n shirveishagh bun-troggalys goaill rish dy vel eh mollit dy vel lhiasaghey yn Ynnyd Lhong-Assaig Liverpool er phrowal dy ve smoo doillee na va sleih sheiltyn.

T'eh cheet lurg fogrey nagh bee'n ynnyd aarloo nish dy ghoaill stiagh troailtee derrey jerrey Mee Vayrt 'sy vlein shoh cheet.

Ta Chris Thomas gra dy vel eh maynrey ec yn chooid sloo dy ve cur paart dy hickyrys bentyn da'n linney hraa. 

AS CHRIS THOMAS : Vel mee mollit ny jeant booiagh? Well, ta mee booiagh dy vod mayd cur shickyrys, agh ta mee mollit dy vel yn shalee shoh er ve smoo doillee na va peiagh erbee rieau sheiltyn, er-lhiam.  


Minister gives view after completion date pushed back

The infrastructure minister admits he's disappointed that development of the new Liverpool Ferry Terminal has proved more difficult than imagined.

It follows the announcement that the site now won't be ready to accept passengers until the end of March next year.

Chris Thomas says he's glad to at least be providing some certainty over the timeline:

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