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Man in custody for breaching self-isolation laws

Dooinney fo ghlass son brishey leighyn er cur liorish hene

 Feme er dy chooilley roshtynee 'syn Ellan cur ad hene lioroosyn hene rish 14 laghyn

Ta dooinney er ve goit lurg da failleil dy ve biallagh da leighyn er cur liorish hene.

Ren yn Skimmee Meanagh Poleeney Nabooagh feeraghey dy vel eh ayns ard glennit er-lheh er nyn son as lhisagh ad cur ad hene lioroosyn hene.

Neayr's oie Jemayrt as stiagh ayns Jecrean (17/18 Mee Vayrt), t'eh er ve er dy chooilley pheiagh roshtyn Ellan Vannin dy chur ad hene lioroosyn hene rish 14 laghyn, eer mannagh vel ad soilshaghey magh monnaghyn Covid-19.

Ta oaseiryn greinnaghey y theay dy eiyrt er coyrle y reiltys as dy smooinaghtyn er sauchys y cho-voodeeys. 


All arrivals on Island required to self-isolate for 14 days

A man has been arrested after failing to stick to self-isolation laws.

The Central Neighbourhood Policing Team confirmed he's in a specially cleaned area designated for those who should be self-isolating.

Since Tuesday night, everyone arriving on the Isle of Man has been required to self-isolate for 14 days, even if they're not showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Officers are urging the public to follow the government's guidance and think about the safety of the community.

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