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Manannan's winter mooring in IoM

Manannan moarit ayns Mannin car y yeuree

Saagh Phaggad Bree Manannan, bee ee moarit ayns Purt Ghoolish gys jerrey ny bleeaney.

Hed ee er moaral ayns shen tra hig e h-imbagh feed cheead as shey-jeig gys jerrey, yn çheyoo laa Mee Houney - as cha bee toshiaght currit da e shirveishyn reesht gys y nah laa jeig as feed Mee Vayrnt.

Shiaullee ee gys Merseyside dy leah sy vlein shoh çheet, son karraghyn bleinoil.

Gys y traa shen, bee ee ry-gheddyn myr saagh-coonee.

Bee karraghyn beayn er nyn yannoo jeh'n sponson tonn-thiolley er y çheu chlee.

Va skielley jeant da'n sponson ayns Mee Vayrnt, tra smoash eh noi Peer Victoria.

Bee Ben my Chree foast shirveishey car y yeuree, as nee yn Side dellal rish lught elley.

Manannan's winter mooring in IoM

Steam Packet vessel Manannan will be berthed in Douglas Harbour until the end of the year.

It'll be moored there when its 2016 season concludes on November 6 - and services won't resume until March 31.

She'll sail to Merseyside early next year for an 'annual overhaul'. Until then, she will be available as a back-up vessel.

Permanent repairs to the port side wave-piercing sponson will be carried out - it was damaged in March when it crashed into Victoria Pier.

The Ben-my-Chree will continue to operate services though the winter, and addiitional freight transportation will be handled by the Arrow.

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