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Manx Care under fire for failing to disclose personal information

Kiarail Vannin goll er cremmey son failleil dy hoilshaghey magh fysseree persoonagh

Co-chorp er ny ronsaghey liorish Barrantagh Fysseree lurg plaiyntyn mychione Reilley Cadjin er Coadey Data 

Ta Kiarail Vannin er jeet dy ve goll er cremmey son failleil dy hoilshaghey magh fysseree persoonagh.

Ayns traa va beggan ny sodjey na mee hooar yn cheshaght shey plaiyntyn bentyn rish Reilley Cadjin er Coadey Data.

Lurg kuse dy ronsaghtyn, ta'n Barrantagh Fysseree gra dy vel Kiarail Vannin er vailleil, as dy vel eh failleil, dy ve biallagh rish y feme dy chur fysseree baghtal, chammah's lhiggey lesh ny cairyssyn entreilys liorish y phersoon mychione's ta ny fysseree.

Ta cooishyn jeusyn ghow y barrangtagh tastey er-lheh goaill stiagh failleil dy aghtey gyn cumrail neu-chooie as gennid dy eddyr-insh eddyr Kiarail Vannin as yn lught obbraghey fysseree echey.

T'eh goll er dy ghra dy vel fwirran gurneil fysseree as keeal chionnit echey, as myr shoh dy vel eh geddyn magh 'doilleeid ayns cur ry cheilley ny cur enn er leshtal erbee son ny brishaghyn.'

Ayns freggyrt ta Kiarail Vannin gra dy vel eh "goaill rish y fogrey-jeeanee as dy vod eh feeraghey dy vel ad er n'yannoo reddyn dy ghoaill ayns laue ny cooishyn currit roish, dy ghoaill stiagh lhiasaghey coardailyn rish lughtyn obbraghey fysseree, lhiasaghey   immeeaghtyn, as kiarail tooilley couyryn obbree interim."


Body investigated by Information Commissioner following General Data Protection Regulation complaints

Manx Care has come under fire for failing to disclose personal information.

In a period of just over a month the organisation received six complaints in relation to General Data Protection Regulation.

Following several investigations, the Information Commissioner says Manx Care has failed, and is failing, to comply with the need to provide transparent information, as well as allowing the rights of access by the data subject.

Issues highlighted by the commissioner include a failure to act without undue delay and a lack of communication between Manx Care and its processor.

It goes on to say Manx Care has an experienced information governance team, and so it finds 'difficulty in reconciling or identifying any mitigation for the infringements'.

In response Manx Care says it "acknowledges the enforcement notice, and can confirm that they have taken steps to address the matters raised, to include revising agreements with processors, revision of procedures, and the provision of additional interim staff resources.”

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