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Manx economy braced for uncertain times ahead

Tarmaynys Vannin chionnit son traaghyn neu-hickyr ry heet

Shirveishagh tashtee gra dy vel mooarane croghey er cagliagh as vaccine

Ta'n shirveishagh tashtee gra dy vel doolaneyn chammah's sthie as mooie fo tarmaynys Vannin cheet gys y vlein noa.

Ta Alfred Cannan cowraghey magh ymmodee cooishyn nee cooney lesh couyral goaill stiagh fosley ny caglieeyn cho leah's oddys shen ve jeant as rolley magh dy fondagh jeh'n vaccine noi Covid-19.

T'eh gra dy vel eh er ve jeeragh veih toshiaght y phandemagh nagh jean dy chooilley hie dellal tannaghtyn ayn, agh t'eh credjal dy vel skeimyn coonee y reiltys er chooney lesh ymmodee.

Ta Mnr Cannan greinnaghey sleih dy cheau argid 'syn Ellan wheesh as oddys shen ve jeant.

AS ALFRED CANNAN : Er-lhiam dy vel taghyrtyn elley t'er ve ayn, gollrish yn aght ren yn Ellan toiggal y chooish, lesh feme er pohlldal thieyn dellal ynnydoil; yn towse dy laghyn seyrey sthie t'er ve ayn: er-lhiam dy vel freggyrt jarrooagh er ve ayn jeh fir ynnydoil cummal seose fir ynnydoil 'syn aght shen, as ta mee treishteil, t'ou toiggal, dy jean imbagh ny Nollick ta ry heet cooney neesht, rere cur sorch ennagh dy undin ry hoi ny thieyn dellal shoh goll er oai.


Ta currym politickagh ec Oltey yn Chiare as Feed son Connaghyn Rob Callister er spoyrt jeshaght as yn turryssid.

T'eh goaill rish dy vel scryssey magh TT 2021 ny labb mooar elley da'n cherroo turryssagh as foddee dy bee feme er tooilley cooney.

AS ROB CALLISTER : Yn red s'jerree ta shin laccal, tra fy yerrey ta shin fosley y chooylaghan ain as fy yerrey ta shin fosley stashoon noa y vaatey assaig ayns Leyrphoyl, ny nagh vel shin laccal, shen goll rish y chooylaghan as fakin cowraghyn ry chreck er egin er lhiurid y chooylaghan ayns ooilley ny thieyn aaght. Ta feme ain er cummal seose ny thieyn aaght ain; ta shin geaishtagh roo; ta'n jantys keayrt ain ayns shen; ta shin cheet cooidjagh rish y cherroo. Ny ta shin laccal nish, shen dy hannaghtyn lesh pohlldal ad, cooney lhieu as eaishtagh roo.


Treasury minister says much depends on border and vaccine

The treasury minister says the Manx economy faces both internal and external challenges entering the new year.

Alfred Cannan points to many factors which will help recovery including safely opening the borders as soon as practicable and a successful rollout of the Covid-19 vaccine.

He says he's been clear from the start of the pandemic not all businesses will survive, but believes government support schemes have helped many.

Mr Cannan is encouraging people to spend on-island as much as possible:

Onchan MHK Rob Callister has political responsibility for motorsport and tourism.

He admits the cancellation of TT 2021 is another big blow to the tourist sector and further help may be needed:

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