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Manx electoral data gathered by UK organisation

Data reihyssagh Vannin chymsit ec sheshaght yn RU

Conaant 12 vee currit da possan E.R.S

Ta'n conaant dy livrey as eisht dy obbraghey formyn as data er lughtyn-thie Vannin er ve currit da colught soit 'syn RU (Reeriaght Unnaneysit).

Shoh paart jeh'n jannoo ass y noa bleinoil da recortys reihyssagh yn Ellan.

Ren Electoral Reform Services, ny'n possan E.R.S. (Shirveishyn Lhiassaghey Reihyssagh), geddyn dellal 12 vee lurg roortys kionnee liorish y reiltys.

Va Oik Postagh Ellan Vannin er livrey y chirveish shoh roish nish.

Ta formyn pabyr currit magh trooid yn Ellan myr ayrn jeh'n chirrey magh bleinoil nish cowrit lesh enmys, ynnyd eggey as earroo chellvane 'syn RU dauesyn son cummaltee dy chur freggyrt.

Tra ta'n fys er ve goit, nee'n cheshaght soit ayns Lunnin, ta cur faill da mysh 200 dy leih, cur back eh gys Oik Coonceil ny Shirveishee, nee eisht jannoo ass y noa y recortys.

T'eh goll er toiggal nagh bee ny data goll er freayll ny ymmydey son oyr erbee elley, as t'ad goll er coadey liorish slattys Reilley Cadjin er Coadey Fysseree.


E.R.S group awarded 12-month contract

A UK-based company has been awarded the contract to deliver then process forms containing Manx household data.

It's part of the annual update of the Island's electoral register. 

The Electoral Reform Services, or E.R.S group, secured a 12-month deal following a procurement exercise by government.

The Isle of Man Post Office had previously delivered this service.

Paper forms sent out across the Island as part of the yearly canvass are now marked with a UK address, website and telephone number for residents to respond to.

Once the information has been captured, the London-based organisation ,which employs around 200 people, will send it back to the Cabinet Office, which will  then update the register.

It's understood the data will not be kept or used for any other reason, and is protected by General Data Protection Regulation legislation.

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