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Manx racer Kneen dies in practice crash

Ratcheyder Manninagh Kneen geddyn baase ayns smoash ayns roortys

Haink jeigeyr as feed veih roar bree ayns Balley Keeilley

T'eh er ve feerit dy vel markiagh ynnydoil Dan Kneen er n'gheddyn baase lurg smoash ayns seshoon roortys y TT fastyr beg Jecrean.

Va'n jeigeyr as feed goit seose ayns taghyrt ayns ard Balley Keeilley y choorse, as va'n eiyrtys dy daink billey dy ve er aile as va brattagh jiarg currit er y teshoon.

Va Kneen er ve ayns cummey gialdynagh ayns roortyssyn roish shen; as fastyr beg Jemayrt er-lheh tra v'eh bunnys 2 veeiley 'syn oor erskyn y vieauid share echey roie.

Haink shen ayns 2017 'sy ratch Ard-Sthock , ayn ren eh recortey yn un cheayrt ynrican er y phodium 'sy choorse TT echey.

V'eh ny er s'bieauee agh jees er y BMW Tyco echey oie Jemayrt lesh garrey ec 132.25mpo.

Va'n ayrn er-mayrn jeh'n jannoo Jecrean scryssit magh lurg yn taghyrt ayns Balley Keeilley, as ny meoiryn shee feeraghey ny s'anmey dy nee Kneen va'n cohirreyder va goit seose ayn.

Ta Immeeaghtyn ACU Chiarmaanit er chur nyn erreeish s'diuney gys sheshey Dan, Leanne, da'n lught-thie echey as da ny ymmodee caarjyn echey ayns pobble ny ratchyn raaidey as ny sodjey.

Manx racer Kneen dies in practice crash

Thirty-year-old came off bike at Churchtown

It's been confirmed local rider Dan Kneen has died following a crash in Wednesday evening's TT practice session.

The 30-year-old was involved in an incident at the Churchtown area of the course, which resulted in a tree catching fire and the session being red flagged.Kneen had been in promising form in previous practices; not least on Tuesday evening when he was almost 2mph up on his previous best.

That came back in the 2017 Superstock race where he registered the one and only podium finish of his TT career.He was third quickest on his Tyco BMW on Tuesday night with a 132.26mph lap.

The rest of Wednesday's action was called off following the incident at Churchtown, with police later confirming the competitor involved was Kneen.

ACU Events Ltd passed on its deepest sympathies to Dan's partner, Leanne, his family and many friends in the road racing community and beyond.

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