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Manx seal pup season gets underway

Imbagh quallian raun Vannin cheet dy ve fo raad

Jees cronnit choud's nish agh raaue da sleih dy eiyrt er 'code raun'

Ta quallianyn raun lheeah toshee yn imbagh er ve ruggit ayns mooir Vannin.

Ta jees ec y chooid sloo er ve cronnit choud's nish er slyst marrey yn Ellan.

She mean Mean Fouyir dy cadjin ta ny moiraghyn goaill toshiaght er ruggyr ayns shoh agh ta'n scailley-hraa caghlaa harrish ny Hellanyn Goaldagh.

Ta beoyn er yn imbagh brey quallianyn 'sy Chorn dy heet fo raad Mee Luanistys choud's dy cadjin cha jean Cumbria fakin fer noa-ruggit derrey Jerrey Fouyir.

She oaseir marrey da Treisht Bea Feie Vannin ta Lara Howe.

AS LARA HOWE :  T'eh cochianglt rish feddynaght bee ayns paart: s'baghtal eh dy vel foddey ny smoo bee ayn. Nish ta'n traa t'ou goaill toshiaght er geddyn eeast ayns skyollyn cheet ry cheilley dy vylgaghey ad hene: ta palchey bee ayn. Shen yn oyr ta shin er n'ghoaill toshiaght er fakin whaleyn minke reesht nish, er coontey yn eeast cheet ry cheilley ayns skyollyn, as brick marrey as skeddan as reddyn gollrish shen goaill toshiaght. Ta palchey bee ayn ec traa shoh ny bleeaney, myr shoh ta ram bee dy assaghey ny quallianyn lesh bainney ny mayrey as dy chooilley red. 


Lara Howe. As t'ee gra neesht dy nee shoh traa lane-scanshoil ny bleeaney son raunyn as t'ee greinnaghey y theay dy reayll ersooyl voue.


Two spotted so far but people warned to observe 'seal code'

The first grey seal pups of the season have been born in Manx waters.

At least two have been spotted so far on the Island's coastline.

Mid-September's usually when the mothers start giving birth here but the timescale varies across the British Isles.

Pupping season in Cornwall tends to get underway in August while Cumbria generally won't see any newborn until October.

Manx Wildlife Trust's marine officer is Lara Howe.


Lara Howe. She also says that this is a crucial time of year for seals and is urging the public to stay away from them.

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