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Manx students 'shouldn't miss out on uni courses they deserve'

Studeyryn Vannin: 'Cha lhisagh ad coayl caa son coorseyn olloo scoill t'ad toilchin'

Shirveishagh ynsee dy cho-obbraghey rish olloo scoillyn

Ta'n shirveishagh ynsee gra dy jean eh co-obbraghey rish olloo scoillyn dy yannoo shickyr nagh vel studeyryn Vannin coayl caa son 'ny ynnydyn t'ad toilchin'.

Lurg da kuse dy studeyryn ve faagit lesh gradeyn ny sinshley na v'ad jerkal rish veih Cambridge Eddyr-Ashoonagh, ren y boayrd scrutaght fograghey magh chyndaa uillinagh dy anmagh Jelune (17 Mee Luanistyn), ta feeraghey nagh bee peiagh ennagh as gradeyn currit da ny sinshley na ny eiyrtyssyn faaishnit echey.

Ayns fogrey, t'eh gra dy bee gradeyn noa currit magh cho leah as vees possible, as rheynnit er olloo scoillyn as sheshaghtyn entreilys. Va tooilley fys dy ve currit da scoillyn Jemayrt (18 Mee Luanistyn).

Va'n Fer Lhee Allinson er chur chaghteraght da'n cho-chorp, greinnaghey ad dy ghoaill ayns laue jantys, as t'eh er chur failt er y chaghlaa. Ayns post er ny meanyn sheshoil moghrey Jemayrt, t'eh cur bwooise da Cambridge Eddyr-Ashoonagh, gra neesht, "nish ta mee treishteil dy vod studeyryn Vannin cur y traa ry heet oc er y raad kiart reesht."

As eh loayrt roish yn ogrey, dooyrt eh dy vel eh scanshoil nagh vel sleih aegey coayl caaghyn.  

AS ALEX ALLINSON : Ayns gerrid ny laghyn shoh chaie ta mee er n'gheddyn eamyn woish ymmodee studeyryn as paarantyn va geearree goll stiagh ayns cooishyn gollrish lheeys ny sheanse lheeys baagh nagh vod nish er coontey ny t'er haghyrt.

Cha s'aym's er yn aght oddys mayd karraghey shen. Agh ny oddys mayd jannoo, shen cur daue ny gradeyn t'ad toilchin, co-obbraghey rish ny olloo scoillyn dauesyn v'ad geearree goll, as cur eab er geddyn er-nyn-son ny ynnydyn er ny coorseyn t'ad toilchin. T'ad er nobbraghey feer chreoi er-son shoh kiart trooid ny coorseyn oc, as ta shoh ayns rieughid er ny ghoaill ersooyl voue liorish algorithm co-earroodagh gyn ennaghtyn. 


Education minister to work with universities

The education minister says he'll be working with universities to ensure Manx students don't miss out on 'the places they deserve'.

After some students were left with lower than expected grades from Cambridge International, the exam board announced a u-turn late on Monday (17 August), confirming no-one will be given grades lower than their predicted result.

In a statement, it says new grades will be issued as soon as possible, and shared with universities and admissions organisations. Schools were to be updated further on Tuesday (18 August).

Dr Alex Allinson had contacted the body, urging them to take action, and has welcomed the move. In a post on social media on Tuesday morning, thanked Cambridge International, adding "now Isle of Man students can hopefully get their futures back on track."

Speaking ahead of the announcement, he said it's important young people don't miss out:

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