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Manxman Jimmy charms TV viewers

Ta Jimmy Manninagh cleayney lught-jeeaghyn çhellveeish

Ta troggeyder ynnydagh gra dy vel eh currit er-shaghryn, lurg da v'er ny cheau seose dys ard-ghoo er show-çhellveeish ennoil.

Haink Jimmy Whittle rish ayns The Restoration Man er Ammyr Kiare Jerdein shoh chaie, lesh e phersoonid ventyragh as cooyl-skeeal treih - as eh jannoo ass y noa thie lught-thie ayns Lancaster.

Neayr's shen, ta aghin er ny lunney, as eh geamagh dy jean Jimmy goaill ynnyd y seyrnagh George Clarke, myr eunysseyr yn çhow!

Y fer ass Colby, t'eh goaill rish dy vel y chooish er ve 'quaagh' - agh dooyrt eh rish Manx Radio dy re gamman va'n filmey.

Manxman Jimmy charms TV viewers

A local builder says he's bewildered, after being shot to fame on a popular television show.

Jimmy Whittle appeared on Channel 4's The Restoration Man last Thursday, where he amused viewers with his adventurous personality and poignant back story - whlle renovating a family property in Lancaster.

A petition has since been launched calling for Jimmy to replace architect Ceorge Clarke as the show's presenter!

The Colby man admits it's been 'weird' - but told Manx Radio filming was a lot of fun.

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