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Marketing strategy secures new audience for TT

Strateish-vargeeys cosney lught-jeeaghyn noa son y TT

Fir-hoshee spoyrt-motor syn Ellan, t'ad gra dy vel ad jeant booiagh ec earrooyn ta soilshagh dy vel immeeaghtyn ratçhal-raad yn Ellan cosney sheeloghe noa dy h-eiyrtysee.

Ayns creear jeant ec Ronsaght Har-Mooir (Research Offshore), ta soit ayns yn Ellan, t'eh grait dy row jeih as feed sy cheead jeusyn haink gys y TT as y Feailley Roarey-Bree mleeaney er jeet son y chied cheayrt.

Ta shen cur faaue dy re speeideilagh va troddan margeeys dy vishaghey sym feiy ny cruinney er ny ratçhyn.

Ta ny h-earrooyn soilshagh dy daink daeed as jees dy housaneyn dy leih gys y TT mleeaney, un thousane jeig ny shlee na haink queig bleeaney er dy henney.

Haink queig thousane jeig dy h-eiyrtysee-roarey gys y Feailey Roarey-Bree ayns feed cheead as queig-jeig, tree feed as hoght sy cheead ny shlee na adsyn haink gys Grand Prix Vannin ayns feed cheead as nuy.

Marketing strategy secures new audience for TT

Motorsport chiefs in the Island say they're encouraged at figures which show the Island's road racing events are winning a new generation of fans.

A survey by Island-based Research Offshore says 30 per cent of visitors to the TT and Festival of Motorcycling this year were attending for the first time.

That suggests a marketing campaign to increase interest in the races around the world has proved a success.

The figures show 42,000 people attended this year's TT, 11,000 more than five years ago.

Fifteen thousand biking fans came to the 2015 Festival of Motorcycling, 68 per cent more than attended the MGP in 2009.

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