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Maughold Head blaze caused by disposable barbecue

Aile er Kione Vaghal jeant ec barbecue ymmyd sengyl

Gow-jee kiarail er-lheh, ta'n shirveish aile dy ghra

She 'Tannee-jee sauchey, my sailliu' ta'n chaghteraght veih Shirveish Mooghee as Sauail Ellan Vannin lurg yllagh magh gyere-cheim fastyr beg Jedoonee (21 Mee Averil).

Va fys currit da skimmeeyn aile er twoaie yn Ellan mychione aile 'sy chonney er Kione Vaghal beggan roish 7pm, haink eh magh ny s'anmey dy ve jeant ec barbecue ymmyd sengyl.

Raink fwirran veih stashoon Rhumsaa y boayl dy gheddyn magh dy row aile va skeaylley magh harrish mysh 10x5 meadar dy chonney as dy halloo y chione, ren ad ceau beggan ny sodjey na oor dy vooghey as dy chur smaght er.

Lesh faaishnys son emshyr eer ny share, t'ou uss goll er shirrey er dy ghoaill kiarail er-lheh tra goaill taitnys jeh cheer Vannin, as er-lheh my vees eh foyd jannoo ymmyd jeh sorch erbee dy varbecue ny dy aile bio. 


Please take extra care, says fire service 

'Please keep safe' is the message from the Isle of Man Fire and Rescue Service, after an emergency call-out on Sunday evening (21 April).

Fire crews in the north of the Island were informed of a gorse fire at Maughold Head just before 7pm, which it later turned out was caused by a disposable barbecue.

Staff from Ramsey station arrived at the scene to find a spreading fire covering roughly 10x5 metres of gorse and headland, which it took them just over an hour to put out and damp down.

With a forecast for even better weather, the public is asked to take extra care when enjoying the Manx countryside, especially if you intend to use any type of barbecue or open fire.

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