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Meat plant 'needs less political involvement', says committee

Thie jantys foalley 'feme sloo kiangley politickagh', ta bing dy ghra

Eamyn son briwnys er ashoonaghey seyraad dy ve er ny aa-scrutaghey

Lhisagh sloo kiangley politickagh ve ayn rish thie jantys foalley yn Ellan.

Shen rere bing ronsaghey yn aght ta'n seyraad goll er stiurey.

Ta tuarastyl, er ny chlou roish soie Tinvaal y vee shoh, credjal dy lhisagh yn ynnyd goll er stiurey dy seyr.

Ta Clare Barber gra dy vel feme er jeeaghyn er y stayd reesht.

AS CLARE BARBER : Cha nel shin credjal dy lhisagh paart y chaairlagh ve ny phaart politicagh, as dy lhisagh yn Rheynn Chymmyltaght, Bee as Eirinys goll magh ass reesht as jeeaghyn reesht er y vriwnys va jeant oc dy ashoonaghey y thie jantys foalley. Ta shin credjal dy vel, ayns rieughid, reihyn elley ayn as obbraghey rish peiagh erbee elley, veagh shen er ve stayd na share na ynrican cur lesh sthie eh, jiooldey ny chebbyn v'oc v'er jeet stiagh ayn, as reaghey dy stiurey eh ad hene.


Calls for decision to nationalise facility to be reviewed

There should be less political involvement in the Island's meat plant.

That's according to a committee looking into how the facility is run.

A report published ahead of this month's Tynwald sitting believes the site should be independently run.

Clare Barber says the situation needs to be looked at again:

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