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Member of the Legislative Council questions 'age inequality' when renewing driving licence

Oltey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh feyshtey 'neu-chormid rere eash' tra aa-noaghey kied imman

Henderson cur eam er fys s'noa veih'n Shirveishagh Bun-Troggalys

Ta Oltey yn Choonceil Slattyssagh er chur coontey jeh ny lhiettrymyssyn ayns taillaghyn kied imman son pensioneyryn myr 'neu-chormid rere eash'.

Ta Bill Henderson cur feysht er yn shirveishagh bun-troggalys er y chooish ayns Tinvaal vees goaill toshiaght Jemayrt 19 Jerrey Souree.

T'eh geearree toiggal yn oyr ta feme er sleih 66 blein dy eash as ny shinney  eeck ny smoo 'sy vlein er mean, dy aa-noaghey nyn gied imman na adsyn 65 blein dy eash as ny saa.

Ta Mnr Henderson gra dy vel eh orroosyn vees aa-noaghey lurg 66 dy gheddyn kied noa dagh three bleeaney shaghey dagh jeih.

AS BILL HENDERSON : Myr shoh, tra t'ou cheet dy ve ny shinney na three feed blein as jeih, son yn traa jeih bleeaney ta feme ort aa-noaghey yn kied ayd three keayrtyn, as fy yerrey dy neu-chorrym t'ou geeck ny smoo. Ta mee er loayrt rish yn Rheynn mychione shoh, as t'eh neu-chormid rere eash dy bunnidagh, choud's ta mee toiggal eh, as t'eh jannoo lhiettrymys. Va coardail jeh sorch ennagh ain dy beagh taillaghyn caghlaait as dy beagh red ennagh cheet roish Tinvaal. Cha nel mee fakin veg cheet gys Tinvaal, myr shoh ta mee cur yn Shirveishagh reeshtagh fo phreays.

Henderson is calling for update from infrastructure minister

A Member of the Legislative Council has described the differences in driving licence charges for pensioners as 'age inequality'.

Bill Henderson is quizzing the infrastructure minister on the issue in Tynwald which starts Tuesday 19th July.

He wants to know why people aged 66 and over are required to pay more per year, on average, to renew their driving licence than those aged 65 and under.

Mr Henderson says those who renew after 66 have to get a new licence every three years instead of every 10:

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